The following are the minimum requirements for the establishment, operation and maintenance of a De Luxe Class Hotel :

LOCATION    The locality and environs including approaches shall be suitable for a luxury hotel of international standard.  The facade, architectural features and general construction of the building shall have the distinctive qualities of a luxury hotel.


Size      All single and double rooms shall have a floor area of not less than twenty-five (25) square meters, inclusive of bathrooms.

Suite     There shall be one (1) suite per thirty (30) guest rooms.

Bathrooms      All rooms must have bathrooms which shall be equipped with fittings of the highest quality befitting a luxury hotel with 24-hour service of hot and cold running water.  Bathrooms shall be provided with bathtubs and showers.  Floors and walls shall be covered with impervious material of elegant design and high quality workmanship.

Telephone    There shall be a telephone in each guest room and an extension line in the bathroom of each suite.

Radio/Television     There shall be a radio, a television and relayed or piped-in music in each guest room.

Cold Drinking Water     There shall be a cold drinking water and glasses in each bedroom.

Refrigerator/Mini-Bar    There shall be a small refrigerator and a well-stocked bar in each guest room.

Room Service    There shall be a 24-hour room service (including provisions for snacks and light refreshments).

Furnishings and Lighting    All guest rooms shall have adequate furniture of the highest standard and elegant design;  floors shall have superior quality wall-to-wall carpeting; walls shall be well-furnished with well-tailored draperies of rich materials.    Lighting arrangements and fixtures in the rooms and bathrooms shall be so designed as to ensure aesthetic as well as functional excellence.

Information Materials     Room tariffs shall be prominently displayed in each bedroom plus prominent notices for services offered by the hotel, including food and beverage outlets and hours of operation, fire exit guidelines and house rules for guests.

FRONT OFFICE/RECEPTION    There shall be reception, information counter and guest relations officer providing a 24-hour service and attended by highly qualified, trained and experienced staff.

Lounge     There shall be a well-appointed lounge with seating facilities, the size of which is commensurate with the size of the hotel.

Porter Service    There shall be a 24-hour porter service.

Foreign Exchange Counter    There shall be a duly licensed and authorized foreign exchange counter.

Mailing Facilities    Mailing facilities including sale of stamps and envelopes shall be available in the premises.

Long Distance/Overseas Calls   Long distance and overseas telephone calls shall be made available in the establishment.

Reception Amenities    There shall be a left-luggage room and safety deposit boxes in the establishment.

Telefax and Facsimile   There shall be telex-transceiver and facsimile facilities in the establishment.

HOUSEKEEPING     Housekeeping shall be of the highest possible standard.

Linen    There shall be plentiful supply of linens, blankets, towels, etc., which shall be of the highest quality and shall be spotlessly clean.   The linens, blankets and towels shall be changed daily.

Laundry/Dry Cleaning Service    Laundry and dry cleaning services shall be available in the establishment.

Carpeting    All public and private rooms shall have superior quality carpeting which shall be well kept at all times.


Dining     There shall be a coffee shop and at least one specialty dining room which are well-equipped, well-furnished and well-maintained, serving high quality cuisine and providing entertainment.

Bar      Wherever permissible by law, there shall be an elegant and well-stocked bar with an atmosphere of comfort and luxury.

Kitchen     The kitchen, pantry and cold storage shall be professionally designed to ensure efficiency of operation and shall be well-equipped, well-maintained, clean and hygienic.   It shall have an adequate floor area with non-slip flooring and tiled walls and adequate light and ventilation.

Crockery    The crockery shall be of elegant design and of superior quality.  There shall be ample supply of it.  No piece of crockery in use shall be chipped, cracked or grazed.  The silverware shall be kept well-plated and polished at all times.


Swimming Pool   There shall be a well-designed and properly equipped swimming pool.

Tennis/Golf/Squash/Gym Facilities    There shall be at least one recreational facility or a tie-up with one within the vicinity of the hotel.

ENTERTAINMENT    Live entertainment shall be provided.