For purposes of accreditation, the following are the minimum requirements for the establishment, operation and maintenance of an apartel :

SIZE    The apartel shall have at least a minimum of twenty five (25) lettable apartments.

APARTMENT    Each apartment of the apartel shall be provided with living and dining areas, kitchen, and bedroom with attached toilet and bath.

LIVING AREA   The living area shall be provided with essential and reasonably comfortable furniture.

KITCHEN   The kitchen shall be spacious, clean, hygienic and adequately equipped with cooking utensils.   It shall also be provided with facilities for storage and refrigeration of foods, for disposal of garbage and for cleaning of dishes and cooking utensils.

DINING AREA   The dining area shall be spacious and provided with dining table and chairs, including all essential dining facilities, such as, but not limited to plates, spoons and forks, drinking glasses, etc.

TOILET AND BATHROOM   The toilet and bathrooms shall always be clean and have adequate sanitation and running water.

BEDROOM   The bedroom shall be spacious and provided with comfortable bed.  There mush also be provided a closet and a mirror.

LINEN    The apartel shall have sufficient supply of clean linen.   The linen shall be changed regularly.

VENTILATION     The apartment shall be sufficiently ventilated and, if possible, each bedroom shall be air-conditioned or provided with an electric fan.    This requirement shall not be applicable in high altitude areas.

LIGHTING    Lighting arrangements and fixtures in all rooms shall be adequate.

TELEPHONE    There shall be a telephone or a "call bell" button in each room.

ELEVATORS    An elevator shall be provided for a building of more than three (3) storeys whenever possible.

STAFF AND SERVICES    The staff shall be trained, experience, courteous and efficient.   They shall be provided with smart and clean uniform.

MEDICAL FACILITIES    An emergency clinic, stocked with emergency medicines and drugs to service employees and guests shall be provided.   Apartel with more than one hundred (100) apartments shall secure the regular services of a house physician.

FIRE-FIGHTING FACILITIES     The apartel shall provide fire-fighting facilities in accordance with the Fire Code of the Philippines.

LOUNGE AND RECEPTION COUNTER    There shall be a reasonably furnished lounge commensurate with the size of the apartel.  The reception counter shall be attended by trained and experience staff and shall also be provided with a telephone.

SECURITY   Adequate security on a 24-hour basis shall be provided in all entrances and exits of the apartel premises.

The apartel shall see to it that the tenants shall have a good, peaceful and comfortable lodging during their stay in the apartel.