For purposes of accreditation, the following are the minimum requirements for the establishment, operation and maintenance of motels :

LOCATION    The motel, except those already existing, shall be located along or close to the highways or major transportation routes.   It shall have at least ten (10) units.

GARAGE     The motel shall have an individual garage or a common parking space for the vehicle of its guests.

BEDROOM    Each unit shall be provided with a fully air-conditioned bedroom, or at least, an electric fan, and shall be furnished with comfortable bed/s, clean pillows, linen and bedsheets.

TOILET AND BATHROOM    The unit shall be provided with attached toilet and bathroom with cold and hot water, clean towels, tissue paper and soap.

TELEPHONE   There shall be a telephone or call-bell in each unit.  

STAFF AND SERVICE    The motel staff shall be trained, experienced, courteous and efficient.   They shall wear clean uniform while on duty.

MEDICAL SERVICES     Medical services on an emergency basis shall be made available.

FIRE-FIGHTING FACILITIES    Adequate fire-fighting facilities shall be provided for each separate unit/building, in accordance with the  Fire Code of the Philippines.

LIGHTING   Lighting arrangement and fixtures in all units shall be adequate.

HOUSEKEEPING    Efficient housekeeping shall be maintained.

MAINTENANCE    Efficient maintenance of the motel in all its sections (i.e. building ground, furniture, fixtures, public rooms, air-conditioning, etc.) shall be provided on a continuing basis. 

OTHER FACILITIES    The motel may, at its option, serve food and drinks exclusively to its guests, and install such other special facilities necessary for their business.

SIGNBOARD   All motels shall keep and display in a conspicuous place outside the establishment a signboard showing clearly the name of the motel.

REGISTRY    All motels shall keep a Motel Registry Book.  All guests seeking accommodation in the establishment shall be required to register the following particulars in the Registry Book :
              a.  Full name
              b.  Address
              c.  Number, date and place of issue of Residence Certificate Class "A", or Driver's License or Passport

The motel management is required to maintain a separate logbook of the plate number of the vehicles or cars used by its customers or guests coming into or leaving the motels.

ENTRY IN THE MOTEL REGISTRY BOOK   The date prescribed in the Registry Book  shall be entered forthwith by the guests, or if unable to write, by the motel keeper or motel clerk.

MINORS TO BE ACCOMPANIED BY PARENT OR GUARDIAN    No motel shall accept for lodging or accommodation any person below 18 years of age unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

DEPARTURE OF GUESTS   On the departure of the guests, the motel clerk shall record in the Registry Book the date and hour of their departure.

ROOM RATES    In addition to daily rates, motels may likewise impose wash-up rates.

No guests who desires to be accommodated on a daily rate basis shall be refused.

The rental rates shall be posted prominently at the reception counter and/or at the door of each room.