For purposes of accreditation, the following are the minimum requirements for the establishment, operation and maintenance of a tourist inn :

LOCATION   The tourist inn, except those already existing at the time of the promulgation of the Rules and Regulations, shall be located along the principal highways or transportation routes and shall open to business on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.

BEDROOM FACILITIES AND FURNISHINGS   All bedrooms shall have attached toilet and bath equipped with 24-hour service of running water.  They shall have adequate natural as well as artificial light and ventilation and shall be furnished with comfortable beds and quality furniture (mirror, writing table, chair, closet and dresser).

Walls shall be painted or wall-papered and kept clean and pleasing to the eye.   Windows shall be furnished with clean and appropriate draperies.   Floors shall be of good flooring materials.

All single bedrooms shall have a floor area of not less than nine (9) square meters and all twin-rooms or double-rooms shall have a floor area of not less than sixteen (16) square meters.

There shall be vacuum jugs or thermos flasks with drinking water with glasses in each bedroom.   There shall be adequate supply of clean linen, blankets and towels that shall be changed regularly.

PARKING   There shall be adequate parking space for vehicles proportionate to the number of lettable rooms and other public facilities in the inn.

RECEPTION    There shall be a reception and information counter attended by qualified, trained and experienced staff.   There shall be a lobby and a well-appointed lounge for seating and/or reading purposes.

TELEPHONE    There shall be adequate telephone facilities for the use of all guests in all public areas.   Services for long distance telephone calls or overseas shall be made available to guests.

RADIO/TELEVISION     There shall be provisions for radios and/or telephone sets for the use of guests upon request.

DINING ROOM   There shall be well-equipped, well-furnished and well-maintained dining room/restaurant for its guests as well as the public in general.   A kitchen, pantry and cold storage shall be designed and organized to ensure efficiency of operation and shall be well-maintained, clean and hygienic.

SECURITY    Adequate security shall be provided to all guests and their belongings.

EMERGENCY POWER   Inns with more than fifty (50) lettable rooms shall have emergency power facilities to light the common areas and emergency exits in case of power failure.

FIRE-FIGHTING FACILITIES    Adequate fire-fighting facilities shall be available as required and specified by the local fire department in the locality and/or the Fire Code of the Philippines.