"Magtulungan para sa bayan...

   Isang turista lang ang kailangan!"

What is Bring Home A Friend Program?


            Bring Home a Friend Program is a promotional program of Iligan City Tourism Office with the short term objective of increasing Iligan's tourist influx.   In the long term, more tourists will translate to economic development concretely manifested through increased income, more employment opportunities and more investments.  

            Would it be too much to ask each Iliganon to invite and bring at least ONE (1) foreign or domestic visitor to Iligan?

            We may not have a huge tourism promotional budget but we have Iliganons in the Philippines and all over the world who love their hometown and still care for the upliftment of the quality of lives of their fellow Iliganons.   If we have 20,000 Iliganons invite ONE  tourist to Iligan in one year, Iligan City would get 20,000 additional tourists.   And if 20,000 Iliganons per month invite just ONE tourist, Iligan would have 240,000 tourists in one year.    That figure would be a huge jump from the 2009 total tourist influx of 89,317!   Imagine what Bring Home a Friend could do to the tourism industry in Iligan City.     Bring Home a Friend, therefore, is an appeal to the sense of community and love for our city. 

Who can Join?

       1.   Iliganons of any age, gender or profession.

       2.   Iliganons residing in or out of Iligan.   Iliganons currently based outside of Iligan can opt to avail of entitlements upon their return home or they may transfer their entitlements to a family member/ relatives who are based in Iligan.

       3.   Non-Iliganons who have lived in Iligan City for a period of time or have been to Iligan City and wants to come back and bring along friends/ relatives.

How it Works ?

       1.    Fill up Registration Forms

               Form A  -   For the Host (the person who will bring the tourist)

               Form B  -   For the Tourist/Guest  

               Get a copy of the Registration Forms at the City Tourism Office, Bahay Salakot, Buhanginan Hill, Pala-o, Iligan City or at the Tourist Information Center, Rizal Park,  Poblacion, Iligan City.   Or go to Downloadable Forms below and download the forms.      

      2.     Tourists/Guests should be staying in Iligan for at least 24 hours to avail of the Discounts/Benefits.

      3.     Submit Forms A and B to the City Tourism Office at Pala-o

      4.     For Guests/Tourists not staying in any accommodation establishment (he/she stays with Host or other friends), he/she should appear witthe Host at the City Tourism Office upon submission of the Forms.

      5.     After verification of Registration Forms, the Host will receive a Discount Coupon which he/she will fill-up for stamping by the assigned Tourism staff.

      6.     The Discount Cards shall be surrendered to the establishment participating the promo.    Compounded discount is not allowed,  meaning  multiple Discount Cards  cannot be used all at once in a single purchase.

List of Participating Tourism-Oriented Establishments

Downloadable Forms

        Form A  :  Registration Form (for the Host)

        Form B  :  Guest Registration Form

Photos during the Launching

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