Getting Here

From Manila/Cebu via Cagayan de Oro City (CDO)

1.  Daily flights of any airline (Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, etc) to Lumbia Airport, CDO.   Take a taxi from the airport to Bulua Terminal, CDO.  Iligan City is a 2-hour bus ride from Bulua Terminal  to Iligan Bus Terminal.  Or about 1 1/2  to 2-hour ride by taxi/ private vehicle from the airport to Iligan. 

2.  Boat schedule
      Negros Navigation  :     Manila-CDO, Departs every Monday at 12:00nn and arrives Wednesday at 8:00am
                                                   Cebu-CDO, everyday
      TransAsia                   :     Cebu-CDO, everyday 

      Superferries/Cebu Ferries   :    Manila-CDO, Departs Manila every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
                                                                   Cebu-CDO, Departs Cebu every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

From Manila/Cebu to Iligan City

Boat Schedule :  

          Negros Navigation  :   Manila-Iligan via Tagbilaran, departs every Wednesday at 9:00pm and arrives Friday at 1:00pm

          Cokaliong Shipping Lines  :   Cebu-Iligan via Ozamis City, Departs Cebu every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

          Superferries/Cebu Ferries  :   Cebu-Iligan, Departs Cebu every Monday and Wednesday
                                                                    Manila-Iligan via Iloilo/Bacolod, Departs Manila every Monday and Thursday

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