For purposes of accreditation, the following are the minimum requirements for the operation and maintenance of homestay sites in accordance with the Department of Tourism's National Homestay Program :


1.  There is prevailing peace and order in the area.
2.  There are existing natural and man-made attractions in the community.
3.  Site is easily accessible to tourists and with existing transportation services, good road condition and other basic community infrastructures.
4.  The host community is willing to join the National Homestay Program.
5.  There is a dearth of commercial accommodation facilities in the area to service tourists.


1.  Structures are durable building materials and are in good, presentable condition.
2.  The surroundings are pleasant and healthful.
3.  There shall be at least one (1) adequately furnished guestroom to accommodate paying visitors.
4.  The following shall be available :
           -  extra bed/s
           -  adequate lighting system
           -  running water or if not available, adequate supply of water
           -  clean and well-maintained toilet and bathroom facilities
           -  meals at reasonable rates
           -  electric fan or other means of ventilation

TRAINING    Family members shall have completed the Department of Tourism's training-workshop on Homestay Program.